You can now trim your links with the official Crop Apps for Android

With the huge amount of websites that exist on the Internet, there are many occasions when we fail to remember what the link is to visit a specific site . It may already be simply because we have a bad memory, because there are too many sites to remember or simply because the link to the page in question is very long.

To solve this, there have been link shorteners such as for a long time , a place where by simply pasting the address, it is reduced in a very significant way. It is something that has in fact been a very interesting tool for webmasters. But what if we are working with our smartphone ?


As we have already mentioned, Bitly is one of the most used services to reduce links to those that we believe are too long or that we simply want to remember better. Until now they did not offer any different utility for those who would like to use it from a terminal, but it is today when they have finally decided to launch their official Android application , which you can find to download on Google Play . It is also completely free, so there will be no additional cost.

By downloading the application and creating an account (or using Facebook / Twitter) we will have the possibility to observe all the links that we have been creating previously. In addition, it will also be possible to check which addresses have been most visited by those with whom they have been shared.

In summary, with the application of for Android we can now proceed to shorten the links in a more comfortable way if we are using it from our terminal, and also, with some interesting options that give it that added value. What exactly do you use this kind of service for?